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We are a midstream master limited partnership that primarily transports and stores natural gas and liquids for our customers. Our pipeline systems are designed and constructed in accordance with the pipeline safety standards established by industry experts and the Department of Transportation (DOT). We are committed to operating our assets safely and acting responsibly in the communities where we operate, and safety was built into every step of the process, from facility design to construction to operation.

By working together, we can keep our natural gas pipelines operating safely and quietly without disturbances or inconvenience to our neighbors.


Goals and Objectives


  • The Department of Transportation’s Office of Pipeline Safety has enacted regulations prescribing requirements for gas and hazardous liquids integrity management programs.  Ensuring the integrity of gas and liquids pipeline systems is the primary goal of these regulations.  Our Integrity Management Plan was developed to comply with those regulations and to assist us in providing safe and reliable gas and hazardous liquids transportation services without adversely affecting the public, our customers, our employees and the environment.  This program is intended to meet the requirements of integrity management programs required under Title 49 CFR 195.452 and CFR 192 Subpart O of the federal pipeline safety regulations and well as applicable state pipeline safety regulations in Alabama.
    • Our Integrity Management Plan provides for the comprehensive, integrated and systematic management of pipeline transmission lines located in high consequence areas (HCAs) or could affect HCAs.  This program expands and builds on existing procedures and practices in developing additional processes to assess and mitigate risks on our pipeline.



We have adopted a set of integrity management guidelines that are engineered into new pipeline systems from initial planning, design, material selection, installation and initial inspection and testing. We follow the applicable laws and regulations as well as use numerous consensus codes and standards in order to meet this requirement for new pipelines as well as managing the integrity of the pipelines over their life cycle. In addition, we have developed policies, plans and procedures which are also used to meet this requirement.


System integrity requires the commitment by all operating personnel to use systematic, comprehensive and integrated processes to safely operate and maintain the pipeline systems. It also ensures that the company uses appropriately trained and qualified personnel for risk management and pipeline integrity activities.

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